Born in the country of Cedars, Lebanon and resident of the Maples country, Canada since 2001.


In my first life, where I spent 10 years, I worked as an analyst programmer with a Masters in computer sciences. I developed databases and worked for small enterprises as well as middle and large ones, in technology, banking, and insurance and health fields.


In my second life, where I have been living since 2004, I have been working as a senior security analyst, with a Management diploma, electronic commerce concentration and a CISM certificate (Certified Information Security Manager). I develop politics and procedures, and insure that laws, regulations and best practices are applied at the enterprise. I worked for the Government of Quebec, then for an international distributor company in the health field in Montreal. Since 2010, I am working as a project manager in Beirut, Lebanon.




In my third life, where I have always lived without me knowing until 2009, I am a life coach and I am currently preparing my certificate with www.coaching.qc.ca. I work with the individual on their personal life as well as on their professional issues, to remove any obstacles, take challenges, develop their potential, and achieve specific objectives.


I have always been intrigued by Life, the human being, their behavior, their reactions that are unique to each person.


I am considered as a spiritual person and I think that we need our three dimensions to have a ZEN life: physical, mental and spiritual.


I am neither a therapist nor a consultant: Just your partner coach!






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